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Music is how our feelings sound like. It inspires us to work hard and feel comfortable at the same. In order to listen to music different Music App Development Companies are working really hard in order to provide us with applications that can make it easy for us to navigate through our desired tracks and albums.

For centuries, people listening music for pleasure, enjoyment, releasing stress, diminish anxiety, increasing work efficiency, and improving productivity. However, the way people listen to music is changed from radio and CDs to online streaming and music apps.

Digital music comprises music streaming apps that have become the preference of tech-savvy modern users. Presently, the music streaming market is considered the largest segment with a market volume of $23,293 million that generates $25,069 million in revenue by 2021.  

With growing user penetration, various music streaming services scored immense popularity and an impressive number of subscribers. They have acquired an optimal market share in the least time.

Music Streaming App
Music Streaming App


The services are providing millions of playlists, songs, and albums simultaneously, but the user experience on music discovery and sound quality differentiates the services in the crowd. Most of the music apps have free tiers and unlock advanced features through subscription or extra dollars payment.

With so much competition coming from leading app companies, you are bound to create different features for them to stand out in the market. Want to earn similar success with music app development? If so, that’s great because you get a lot of room to explore and grow with unique features addition.

Top 10 Features That Allow Your Music Streaming App to Play Catch Up Music Streaming Service Giants

Push notifications for everything

The customers save their favorite songs in the playlist under the favorite section to listen to songs later. Similarly, the app sends notifications to the users based on their interest in specific latest events, favorite artist releases, particular genres album launches, and others. It not only informs the users about the things they are interested in; instead, it reminds and makes them visit the app repetitively.

Listen to music anytime, anywhere

Having an internet connection all the time isn’t necessary, which is the biggest roadblock in the music lovers’ journey when they want to listen to music digitally at a place, where the internet connection is zero or low.

Facilitating online and offline access allow the users to stream music in any corner of the world. When the users download the songs right on the playlist screen, the songs become accessible in both online and offline mode.

Enable music video watching along with lyrics reading facility

The advanced filters like- genre, artist, playlist, and mood allow the users to search the songs effortlessly. In the same vein, the app facilitates songs’ lyrics reading while listening or watching the song video without much ado. It’s provided by some of the leading streaming players in the industry like Genius.

The app has made listening to tracks seamless and interesting by providing artists with verified facts behind the tracks. The unique feature could even become the USP of making the app popular and selling it faster.

Make it compatible with other music platforms

The feature can help you gain major traction from the music enthusiasts who love to upload their audio and share it with their friends. Making the phone music library synchronized with streaming services of the users’ choice help.

It requires the music app to be compatible with various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and others. In addition to content upload, the user can find annotated lyrics for the favorite song.

Allow pre-saving of unavailable albums

The users who are waiting for their favorite artist’s album release, and want to download it as soon as it’s available on the streaming services, then the pre-saving feature helps them. The new feature allows the users to get the album auto-downloaded when it becomes available at the service to listen.

It adds the convenience of not repetitively looking at the app to see if the album is available or not. The user gets the notification when the favorite music is downloaded and they can listen to it.

Integrate sharing options

Social integration has become a norm for mobile app development as it makes the onboarding journey a breeze. The social channel integration is also a boon for music companies as it enables users to share the music among their friends, which, in turn, results in community building on social platforms. Harnessing social power is an ingenious way to make the app viral.

Let your Music Streaming Appidentify the music

Voice command integration is a common phenomenon that involves voice search of the favorite songs. The user experience is taken to the next level by making the app recognizes the music. The music apps facilitating this feature- the app finds out the lyrics for the music playing around just by holding the phone. A single tap and the song get recognized help in gaining the competitive edge.   

Get creative with emojis

We all know emojis have become people’s favs when they chat. The music apps are creating a feature that allows users to chat in lyrics (Using lyrics as emojis). For instance, a genius music app enables users to leverage songs’ lyrics when they chat in the iMessage app. Plus, the app gets a considerable boost when lyrics sharing is allowed on social platforms.

Seamlessly connect with home devices

70% of the US people have intelligent home devices in their house. They want the music to get streamed on those home devices. It’s essential to enable seamless integration with a variety of smart home devices as stepping in with the users’ trends can make the app stand out.

Turn off the recommendations

Some users don’t want the music app intelligent bots to analyze what type of content they are browsing and do not prefer to get any type of suggestions based on their browsing pattern and listening habits. The private mode is facilitated for such users so that they can toggle between the option of receiving intelligent recommendations.

Summing it up Music Streaming App

These features have been the pillar for the music app development companies in terms of gaining popularity and more customers. The new karaoke feature is the one that is under development and might work as an ace in the hole for the future market. This would allow you to sing your favorite songs in your voice along with the artists. Do the facts and statements make you interested in music app development?

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