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Should You Hire a Separate Web Designer and Developer?

Website design and features are a big deal since it signifies putting a piece of your business online in the hope of expanding your audience especially since 70% of them spend their time on the internet.

It’s easy to think that hiring a professional web designer and developer is the only method to achieve a great site. And, in some instances, this is undoubtedly the right thing to do — but not always.

Should you need to hire a web designer or web developer? Why would you need to hire a web developer in the first place?

It’s true. Before, if you want a website, you had to be a web developer or hire one. Today that is no longer the case.

Many individuals can now design their websites thanks to content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. However, website builders such as Wix allow you to create sites with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

However, there are two good reasons to hire a web developer and a web designer: It would help save time, and you might need assistance with some of the more technical aspects.

In all instances, it’s essential to know how to find, hire, and collaborate with a web developer and designer so that your project goes well.

Difference Between a Web Developer and a Web Designer

Web developers and web designers both work on websites and 94% of first impressions are related to your site’s web design. However, their tasks are not the same. While web developers are mainly concerned with functionality and structure, designers focus on appearances, such as color schemes and palettes, graphic design, typography, and element sizes.

Web developers and web designers may be acquainted with various technologies due to their different areas of expertise.

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Web designers are generally proficient in Photoshop, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The task of a web designer is to make the website look excellent and run well. At the same time, the web developer specializes in creating the website’s backend. They should be knowledgeable with PHP, MySQL, Apache, and a range of other technologies and frameworks.

A backend developer may need to know other programming languages, including Ruby and Python, which are popular.

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A web designer or developer’s specific knowledge will differ from person to person. However, in general, employers can expect a web designer to be more familiar with creative and design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. In contrast, a web developer should be familiar with a few of the most common coding languages used in web development.

Should You Need a Designer or a Web Developer?

Now. you understand the differences between a designer and a developer. This would be important information to understand since knowing when and how to hire each of them will make your website-related life a lot more simple. Take a look at the table below for a brief overview of when to use each one

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How much do a Web Designer and Developer cost

Web developer and digital designer employment are expected to increase at a rate of 8% from 2019 to 2029, considerably higher than the rate average with all occupations. Demand will be driven by the growing popularity of mobile devices and eCommerce.

A web designer often charges $10-$50 per hour, whereas a developer typically charges $30-$65 per hour. A basic website will cost between $65 and $100 per hour from a medium-sized web design agency (which offers both sides of website construction).

If you hire both developers and designers, you’re generally looking at about $6,000 in total for designing a site.

How Do Developer and Web Designer Work Together

Since web designers and web developers have different methods in the designing process, both are ultimately accountable for working together to create a coherent output.

The founder of SaaS Design says that web designers are like architects, help you convert your ideas into a realistic, cohesive plan, while developers are the builders who assist in bringing that vision to reality. Both roles are required when creating a successful website or a new product.

Companies can hire UI designers and web developers in a variety of ways. In some businesses, web designers are almost entirely excluded from website creation. They could be in charge of creating basic wireframes using design tools or with the help of UI/UX designers. These wireframes are handed on to a development team. In other companies, web designers are more accountable for front-end development.

Some businesses may choose to combine these two positions completely, hiring combined “web designer/developers” with a broad skill set to manage the whole project from start to end.

Why Should You Hire a Web Designer and Developer?

Whether you need a web developer or web designer for your project depends heavily on your organization’s goals and budget. Smaller businesses with limited resources typically seek a single professional with a broad skill set. At the same time, larger companies prefer to hire more professional people and spend 73% on a design to make their brand stand out from other competitors.

One thing to keep in mind is that many “do-it-yourself” website platforms are available in today’s online world. These techniques allow web designers to create basic websites directly from their ideas, with minimal coding expertise. On the other hand, web designers and web developers can be useful resources for more complex projects needing custom-built features.

In general, a web developer with extensive coding knowledge will provide a greater depth of customization and will likely be able to help if something goes wrong with your website.

However, for projects where the website’s appearance is of primary importance, a web designer may be a better and more cost-effective choice. Hiring web designers and web developers can be beneficial for enterprise-level websites that require both a highly sophisticated design and complex functionalities, as well as a strong user experience.

How to Hire a Developer and a Web Designer?

Once you’ve decided whether to hire a web designer or developer, you’ll need to know where to look to find qualified candidates. Browse existing job descriptions and keep in mind that you can hire full-time or freelance professionals—hiring freelancers might give you more flexibility if you only have one or a few tasks to work on.

The best practice of hiring the right Developer and Designer involves two simple steps:

  1. Determine what you need and the type of developer and designer who can do the task.
  2. Learn how to determine if a designer or developer is excellent or not.

Before hiring the right designer or developer for your website, you should first understand what you want to accomplish with it. Also, when creating a website, there are two major components to consider: website design and website code.

Final Thoughts

Web designers and web developers often collaborate, and there is a lot of overlap in the general opinion of these professions. However, finding someone with the relevant talents for your project is essential to understand what you need when hiring a designer or developer. If you need someone to create a custom website from scratch, you’ll most likely need a web developer. However, if you have the site partly created and need assistance in improving the user interface and user experience, you should hire a web designer instead.

For the best chance of success, describe your project to your prospective designer/developer in as much detail as possible—a skilled expert should be able to give you a clear “yes” or “no” decision as to whether they can meet your demands or not. Finding the right professional is critical to ensuring that your website is ready to go.

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