How much does it cost to develop a food delivery application

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app In India?

Introduction to food delivery App Development

Technology advancement has been of great advantage to both the business community and the members of the public in general.

It has helped in easing up things and making the services provided to very efficient. For instance, the hotel and restaurant industries have been able to offer better services to their clients due to advanced technology.


By just installing an app on a device, one can be able to order for food from a restaurant and it is delivered to them. The time is taken to make a delivery should be as short as possible, so as not to keep the client waiting. The app also allows the client to make a payment for the purchased product and indicate their address. The restaurant then organizes on how the product will be delivered to the client as fast as possible.

Another different business dealing with different goods and services has also ventured into the use of the apps to reach to their clients. Many businesses in different parts of the world have benefited a lot from the use of this app. Most of them ensure that once a client orders for a meal is delivered in good time and when it is still hot.

The use of this kind of technology has helped in boosting the food industry. The pictures below show how a food app looks like.

Features of a great food ordering app

– Splash screen with the brand logo

– Login / Register with Email or Facebook

– Easy swipe navigation with brand logo

– SMS / Call mobile number authentication

– 3D touch and touch ID integration

Development of food delivery app

Just like any other app used for shopping, it is possible to develop the cheapest food delivery app. The app will enable the client to see the kind of meals that you have, select and put an order on the meal they want, and make payments. The meal will be then delivered to them. For one to be able to come up with such an app, the following steps need to be followed.

Why your restaurant need a food delivery app

Steps on how to create a successful Food Delivery App Development

Set a goal

Before one starts to create an app, one need first to set a goal. The goal should be clear on what needs to be achieved. One should know what they want the app to do exactly. For instance, one this is the point that one should decide if the app should show the food available, the price, and the time that will be taken to deliver the meal among other things. One is also supposed to come up with an idea of the app should appear in the client’s device.

The look of the app is equally important since it attracts many people to download it. One should also write down the problems that they are expecting to solve by creating the app. This will help them to come up with a more concrete thing. Additionally, they should be able to tell how the app will simplify their clients’ life. By doing this, they will be able to incorporate several advantages the app user will enjoy. This will make the app to be more competitive in the market hence high returns to the company.

Finally, on this step, they should come up with a strategy on how they will be able to market the app. This step is very important since it helps the investor to have a clear goal of what they gives a direction of how the app should look like, what it should be able to solve and what exactly it should do. The step is meant to open up the investors’ mind on what people want. However, research might be required to identify what will what the target clients are in need of.

Sketch the ideas

After setting a clear goal, one is then required to sketch the ideas that they have generated. This can be done on a piece of paper. It helps to give a direction and show how a series of events should take place. The sketch should be able to answer the all the questions about the purpose of the app and how it should look like when created.

The sketch is supposed to be a visual representation of the investor’s thoughts. Some crucial decisions also need to be made at this stage. Some of those decisions are such as if the app should be given away for free and offer ads to enable one generate income or if it should be offered as a paid download. This should be a personal decision based on the nature of the target group. One should go for the one that favours their business more.

This is the step that gives a clear vision of the set goal and the steps on how it should be turned into a reality. For instance, one should sketch how people will be opening the app, how the types of meals should be categorized E.g. fast food, drinks etc. how meals booking should be made and finally the payment.

Research on food delivery apps

This step involves one in doing a lot of research about the other people who has developed food apps before. No matter how unique one might be thinking their idea is, high chances are that someone has already tried it before. One should look at the reviews of similar apps, but instead of giving up on seeing negative reviews about the apps, one should use that information to their advantage.


The negative comments about the app should help one know what people disliked about the similar apps, and go back the sketched ideas to ensure that they are in line with what the clients would like. To avoid having problems with the authorities, one should also research about restrictions in place such as copyright restrictions. It helps one to know what is required of them before creating the app.

It should be able to tell them if it is possible to abide by the restrictions, if it is affordable and if it is worth it as well. Technical hold ups that are most likely to occur should also be researched and a way to counteract them developed. This step is very important since it informs one if the project is worth and achievable or not. In the long run, it helps one save money other than investing on a project only to be restricted and cut short the moment they try to apply it. People get to know in good time if the idea will work or not. Due to these reasons, an extensive research is required.

Once the research about the restrictions and people views about similar apps is done, one should then focus on sales and marketing research. One should check the idea they had come up with on the sketch on how they should use the app to sell their meals to the clients and determine if it is worth it or it needs to be changed. One should ensure that their niche is in line with the app to be created.

The target market of the group of people who are most likely to use the app should be defined at this stage as it can help the investor in narrowing down their design ideas. Different design ideas should then be researched on. One should choose the one that fits them better. However, the look of the final design is very crucial.

Wireframe for food delivery app

The wireframe is one of the most important steps when it comes to a process of screen designing. It allows the designer to define the hierarchy information of the design, making it easier for the designer to make plans for the layout in accordance to how the want their users to process the information. At this step, the idea is given more functionality and clarity. This step is referred to as the app development foundation. It is at this stage that the icon is designed and developed together with the functionality.

This, therefore, becomes a very important step. In this case, the icon generated must be food related. However, the investor decides the icon that they like and thinks that will communicate to the client by just glancing at it. It should also be attractive to the client and easy to use. If it is complicated to use it might end up pushing away some clients.

Most people like their icons being unique in shape or symbol for the target clients to recognize it faster. While kept simple and focusing on one element or concept, it attracts people more. Since an icon has a small space, including words may make it look congested. Many people consider only using the first letter of their brand instead.

The colours chosen to be used should be vibrant. It helps the app to stand out against the background image and other apps installed by the user. For one to be sure with the best icon, several variations can be created and tools like pickup used to see the reactions of the user.

Start defining the back end of the App

This is the step whereby one starts to examine how the app should function. The functionality should be in line with the already sketched storyboard of how one would like the app to function. The wireframe should be used to precisely describe the APIS, servers and data diagrams. One may use the available tools such as app builders which can help one to easily delineate the data diagrams, APIS and servers. Although there are several methods used to develop apps, one should ensure that the diagrams created are clear. This is because they act as the directions for other people working on the project.

Check the model

At this point, one checks how good and attractive the developed model is. This can be achieved by showing demos to friends and family members for positive criticism. One should look for critics and cynics for them to be told the truth and rectify where necessary. If one only goes for those people who always tell them, “wow, great work,” then they might not learn where the mistakes are and therefore will not be able to come up with a great final product. For those designers who receive brutal honesty at this stage of app development, they end up coming up with the best apps. Any revision required should be done and any navigation path that might need to be changed should be changed with immediate effect.

food-delivery-app-banner CTA

The most important thing in this step is keeping the client or the app users in mind since they are the one who will be making use of the app. The designer should then use the client’s thinking and not theirs. This makes the app serve the clients better since it is designed as they would wish and to serve them better. This means that they will be more comfortable while using it since they feel as if they own it. If the clients are happy with the app, they will use it more often and even recommend it to their friends, hence the firm making more profits.

They end up becoming app marketers unknowingly. The main goal of this step is to ensure that the structure and foundation of the app is finalized. One should visualize the app working even before they start adding design into it. This helps the designer to avoid frustrations as the development process goes on.

Get building for food delivery app

After laying a firm foundation, one is now free to start building the food app. The developer needs to set up the databases, servers, and APIS. However, when the developer is using a quality do-it-yourself app builder, he/she does not need to care about this since it will be done for them. The feedback gotten from the testers is very important and therefore one should not forget to reflect on it. The functionality of the app should be modified to be able to reflect any changes that were made based on the first phase of testing. This helps in ensuring that all the changes made were effective. At this step, one needs to sign up for the stores. A Google Play and Apple account need to be created. These accounts will enable one to get their app on the market.

When using an Android Smartphone, one is required to follow these simple steps to create a Google Play account. First, one needs to ensure that their smartphone is turned on. Pressing the menu button is the next step where one is supposed to go to the Menu screen. One should locate where the Play Store icon is from the apps list and tap on to it. One should then go to Add a Google account window and tap the Existing option if they have a Gmail account.

Selecting o the sigh in the window gives one a chance to enter their Gmail credentials in the Password and Email fields provided. When that is done, one should then click on the arrow icon on the right corner found at the bottom of the screen. One should then tap on their most preferred payment method when Set up payment info interface appears. After that, one should tap to continue in order for them to be able to proceed. Skipping is also an alternative for this step.

One will always have a chance of filling this part later if need be. One should then select Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account when the Backup and Restore window appears. The final step is one tapping the arrow button found on the right corner at the bottom and they start using the Play Store.

Creating an Apple account is equally simple. One needs to open their iTunes first. They should ensure that they have the most recent version. On the menu bar that is found at the iTunes window, one should select the account, then sign in, after which they are required to select Create New Apple ID.

Reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions is the next step. One should ensure that they understand it all before agreeing on to it. The form for creating Apple ID should be completed and the continue option clicked to proceed.

The information about credit card and bailing information should be entered before clicking on continue option to proceed. An Email from Apple with the verification steps is then sent to the user’s Email address. After verifying the email address, the account becomes active.

Designing the look

When that is all done, the developer should now come up with the look of the user interface. It is an equally important part of the app since its look and ease while navigating is what attracts many people. The app navigation and design should be in line with the feedback that was given by the testers. This is to ensure that whatever they wished that could be incorporated in the app is present.

food Delivery Solution CTA

This will make the app suit them more. The app is designed by one getting high-resolution skins or screens that are visually appealing based on the wireframe for the app when a graphic designer for the app is hired. On the other side, if one is using a WYSIWYG editor, they then need to pick their template and layout for their screens. The feedback given by the testers should be incorporated since they are the final consumers of the product and not the app developer. The app should, therefore, look like the users would like it to look.

Testing the app for the second time

Since the working efficiency of the app is paramount, it should be tested again. At this stage, the test is more advanced since there are both a user interface and a functioning app to be tested. Several tests should be conducted on the completed app to ensure that both the feel and look of the app is in line with what the developer was expecting. Some platforms such as Pixate and can be used to test the developed app. They both allow one to links that can be clicked to navigate the app.

They help one in examining the interactions, final layers, and app design. The information gotten from the testers can be used to enable one to move forward. This is the step that one confirms that the app is well functioning as expected. In the first test, the wireframe was used, which was just an app skeleton.

Modify and Adjust

At this point, one has their prototype for a test and learns few tweaks that need to be done. One has seen how the app is functioning, one should again call the critics that they had called before and ask them to test the app for the second time. At this time, they should be checking if what they had wished that the app could have is fitted and if it is working to their expectation. They should also check if there is any other way that the app could be made better. The feedback collected should not be ignored at all. Instead, it should be used to adjust and rectify the app. By doing this, one will be making the app to be more efficient and consumer-friendly. When an app works excellently, it becomes more competitive in the market.

Beta Testing

After creating an aesthetically pleasing, smoothly functioning, and problem-solving app, one now needs to test its functionality in the real environment. One may decide to use Android or iOS to test. With Android, the process is simple while with iOS things are kept in a controlled environment. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. The app file can be uploaded on any Android device and a test conducted on the live environment. The progress can then be monitored from the device to see how it is functioning and if there is anything that needs to be rectified. With iOS, the TestFlight platform is required to beta the test of the app. The good this option is that one can be able to invite testers to review the app before taking it live. It give one a chance to rectify anything that needs rectification before it goes live.

Releasing the app

This is the last step of app creation, after taking it through several tests and ensuring that it is working efficiently, the app should now be released to the world so that it can solve the problems that it was intended to solve. It should now start its work on ensuring that food is delivering to those who request it, efficiently and in good time.

Food delivery app solutions by NectarBits

Since the food delivery app came into place, many people have felt relieved since the app enables it to be more convenient o their daily activities. Some of the solutions that it has brought to society are as follows.

It has made it easier for restaurants to satisfy their customers better. With the introduction of this app, the clients no longer need to go outside, which might be risky for them. It also helps the clients avoid going to queue at the restaurants which can so tire at times. With a food delivery app, one can just order the meal and it will be delivered to where they are.

There are no more bothersome works. Previously, people used to order meals by making phone calls which were associated with a number of problems such as the restaurant staff having to take a number of calls from people speaking with different accents. Background disturbances were also a bother sometimes and could hinder smooth communication at times. These problems are now solved by a food delivery application.

Easy trade for Restaurants. Restaurants are now able to conduct their business better and have more clients since it is easier for one to see a food delivery app and decides to try it out. They do not have to do a lot of marketing as before. More people also prefer using this app since they do not have to go to a restaurant.

24/7 services. The app has made it easy for restaurants to work 24 hours a day for seven days. This increases the number of sales. The clients can also be able to order meals even at late at night. This has made it more efficient for both the clients and restaurant operators and owners.

Effortless maintenance. In case of a change in price, before it was hectic for the restaurant operators to have new menu printouts as a way of updating the price. With the food delivery app, it is much easier since all that is required in case of a change in price e is just editing which can be easily done with the app.

It saves the consumer time. The app is very consumer-friendly since they do not have to go to the restaurant and waste their time there as they wait to be served. With the app, one can just make an order and wait for the meal to be delivered as they goes on with their other duties.

Lesser mistakes and lesser problems. Every human can make a mistake. Therefore, even the most experienced server sometimes makes an error when noting orders. With this app, the number of mistakes committed is greatly reduced, leading top lesser problems and confusion in restaurant management.

Online presence, reviews, and ratings. The app helps the restaurants that are using it to rank better on different ranking sites. This promotes the positive interest of the business. One is also able to get feedback through reviews and can be able to rectify what the clients are not happy with.

How much does it cost?

Creating a food delivery app is relatively cheap. However, the prices vary with different companies that offer the app-creating service.

Specifications of an app may also lead to its price variation. This makes it difficult for one to quote one to give an exact figure quotation. Instead, an estimation is given. For instance, in the United States, a client would need to pay roughly $100 – $200. In European countries, the figure goes to as low as $50 – $150.

In India, the price is even lower as it costs approximately $20 to $50 to get the cheapest food delivery app created. For the creation of a full app that has all the features in it, the price might go as high as between $17,000 to $25,000.

How to select the right software developer for on-demand food app development?

For one to be able to select a good offshore partner who would help them to help the demand on-demand apps, one has to check a number of qualities held by the developer. Below are some of the qualities that a good app developer should have.

Effective communication skills: Good communication results to successful project execution.

Solution-focused: A good developer should focus on providing a solution to the problem in hand.

Non-Disclosure Agreement: A good developer should be able to keep the agreement made between them and the person assigning the project a secret. This is to avoid another person stealing the idea.

Past experience and expertise: A developer with long-term experience is used to doing the same thing many times hence specialized in it. Such a person is in a better place to deliver a high-quality job compared with the one who has lesser experience.

Agile methodology: Many developers use different methodologies to deliver the projects assigned to them. However, the one who follows the agile methodology is more likely to deliver a high-quality job.

Engagement model: There are different models used in app development. However, the Fixed Price Model and the Hourly model are the most prevalent and following models. A person who is able to use this model, they are in a better position to deliver high-quality results, and therefore they should be hired.

App maintenance services: The apps need technical and functional supervision from time to time for them to work efficiently. Therefore, one should look for a developer who will provide maintenance services for the app after creating and installing it. It helps the app owner to save a lot of cash that would be used for maintenance.

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