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Top 10 Successful Fast Food Delivery Apps in 2024

What’s next in food delivery apps?

This is the question that all people have in their minds after the pandemic. A lot has changed. Some industries have experienced spikes in total sales and others have witnessed sales going southwards.

The platform-to-consumer services, that’s the food delivery market have experienced positive growth, which is expected to continue in the years to come. Not convinced? Here’s the answer.

List of Food App

What Are The Latest Trends Spurred In the Food Delivery App Market Post-Covid?

  • The food market volume is expected to become $79,608 million in 2025.
  • The online food delivery segment is projected to generate revenue of $19,591 million by 2025.
  • The user penetration will increase to 498.5 million by 2025.

Post-covid, the food industry growth is propelled to a few years more into the future as millions of people are forced to stay at home. Route optimization, delivery riders, and network effects have made deliveries cheaper and faster. The flywheel effect has helped the new start-ups to increase their market share and profit margins.

In the new normal as well, the accelerated food orders are expected to last in the long run worldwide. China is leading the position with market penetration and the largest user base of 650 million people followed by the US which stands in the second position.

Do you want to make the most out of this golden opportunity? Want to get the mobile app engineered? If so, look at the success that leading food delivery apps are cherishing which will help you know what to include and fill the void with on-demand app development.

What Are the Top 10 Food Delivery Apps That Stand High On The Popularity Ladder In 2024?

  • Swiggy- restaurant in your pocket

The app is the perfect fit for those working late at night in the office, moving to a movie marathon, a recipe experiment that has gone wrong, feeling hungry at home, or witnessing unexpected guests. The user just needs to enter the location to check if the app is delivering food at their location with no minimum order value restriction. Swiggy is popular for food delivery Apps on time at lightning-fast speed.

food delivery Apps
food delivery Apps

In addition to groceries, food orders, and essentials fulfillment, the orders are also fulfilled from supermarkets when the delivery window is of one hour or two. Plus, the users can track the food orders every step of the way before they reach their doorstep. Post-pandemic, the app ensures that delivery partners and restaurants maintain all the hygiene and safety protocols including sanitization measures, contactless delivery, temperature checks, and change of gloves and masks.

Swiggy has made Rs. 2776 crores as revenue in 2024, which is increased by 115% from the year 2019. The company debuted to complete 1.5 million orders per day, which is translated to 45 million orders a month.

  • UberEats- food delivery App near you

Everyone is familiar with Uber’s speed for taxi rides. Uber delivers food from restaurants at the same speed, be it the taste you are looking for from local restaurants, fast food restaurants, or 7-star restaurants just at the tap of a button. The app delivers food in major cities and metro cities of the world when the user enters the food type, address to deliver, delivery time, and payment.

The payment is done via credit card, debit card, or Uber account followed by the facility of tracking the food order in real-time. The offers and discounts are also timely updated on the app and websites to attract users and keep them ordering.  

With continuous success, the company has experienced an increase in profits year on year and generated $4.8 billion in 2023 with $30 billion bookings. The food delivery service has acquired 29% of the market with 66 million users globally.

food delivery Apps
food delivery Apps
  • Zomato- delivering favourites to the doorstep

When you have diverse food requirements- desi cravings, salad, drinks, fast food, nutritious food to satiate your soul, then Zomato is the one-stop-shop for everything you need for food orders. The association with more than 1.5 million restaurants in over 500 cities enables global users to get food delivered to their doorstep in a couple of minutes.

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Zomato facilitates both- doorstep delivery and takeaway in India and UAE, in addition to exciting deals. The users can become pro members of Zomato to get extra discounts on food ordering and dining. When the user wants to book a table at the preferred restaurant, they can access the restaurant details and confirm bookings digitally thereby eliminating the need to stand in long queues.

In neck in neck race in India, Zomato has remained a profitable venture with 1.5 million members and 25,000 partners have made Rs. 1,024 crores as revenue in 2024.

  • Deliveroo- delivering food from favourite restaurants and takeaways to your door

When the hunger pangs, some people prefer to satisfy their taste buds with pizza from KFC chains or biryani from local heroes, there is an app that meets all such needs is- Deliveroo. Moreover, partnerships with grocery stores enable the app to meet grocery needs too. The attractive deals or offers allow users to relish sumptuous cuisines without going out of budget. What’s more?

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Food ordering is never that much easier. The users can order food by searching for their favourite cuisine in the nearby area or applying filters for targeted search, then schedule the order for now or at a later date. Before making the payment, the offers tab can help users apply for offers and get benefits. With a live tracking facility, the user gets a notification when the rider is on the way for order delivery.

In the seven years of journey, after passing through a number of low and high tides, Deliveroo generated $1.2 billion in revenue in 2024, which is increased by 54% from last year. With six million users in the UK, the net loss is reduced to 223 Euros in 2024.

food delivery Apps
food delivery Apps
  • Grubhub- local food delivery and restaurant takeout

Saying Grubhub is the best place to find what you crave followed by the special discounts that you never want to miss- is not an overstatement at all. With the largest selection of restaurants nationwide, the app is serving the delivery or takeaway needs of people in a contactless way. The deliveries are made plain-sailing by accepting the food orders over a phone call or the app and providing customer support 24/7.

With no hidden prices, the exclusive perks, including- free delivery on the first order of more than $15 or access to special features help in attracting the users and keep them ordering the food repetitively. The ratings and reviews assist the users in choosing the right restaurant for food orders.

One in five restaurants associated with Grubhub has doubled their takeout revenue after working with Grubhub, and small restaurants experienced a 50% hike in total revenue just after a year of registering with Grubhub. All in all, Gruhub generated $1.8 billion in revenue and $155 million in profits in 2024 with a 39% increase every year.

  • Dominos- pizza restaurant at your doorstep

It’s a boon for pizza lovers in the pandemic times that has helped them enjoy dominos’ pizzas at their homes. The organization has maintained all the hygiene conditions, screened employees for temperature before they enter the store, sanitized bikes, bags, and hot boxes every 4 hours, and social distancing norms too.

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The anytime, anywhere pizza delivery with easy payment options enables users to customize their food orders by selecting the pizza from the list and selecting the offer to avail of extra discounts. What’s more? The users can save the favoured treats as favourites for easy ordering. The one-click reordering is also facilitated to reorder pizzas in a single click. You can make the orders from 1283 restaurants spreading across 276 cities.

The corona outbreak and lockdown have zero impact on Dominos’ pizzas sales and ROI as the organization has generated revenue with a certain percentage of increase year-over-year. In 2024, the food delivery apps announced total revenue of $4.371 billion.

food delivery Apps
food delivery Apps
  • Pizza Hut- economical pizza delivery and takeaway

The pizza freaks are crazy about Hut pizza taste that’s perfectly delivered by Pizza Hut franchises. The organization facilitates pizza delivery and takeaway from the nearest hut right through the mobile app.

The Pizza Hut app allows users of India, France, and the UK to find the nearest hut for pizza delivery, browse the tasty pizza from the menu, view the list of offers select great value deals, and order the pizza by making a payment. The notifications are sent to inform the users about various activities related to order processing.

Despite negative growth due to lockdown, the brand has taken all the measures to outperform in the market and experiencing a surge in orders. Plus, the rating on Google and Apple store has increased to more than 4.5 stars.

  • Faasos- the food on-demand service evolved to EatSure

The food delivery service incorporated in 2004 satisfies the users with surprising wraps with amazing fillings. Faasos is turned into a digital food court that has added convenience to the users of ordering the food at their fingertips. The app backed by cutting-edge technology and sheer transparency delivers an amazing experience to the users because the users know what they are eating and how it’s made.

The user-friendly UI allows the users to place customized orders that include ordering from multiple restaurants in the same order for parties or families. Free delivery, Surepoints, and one-click order help users save time and money.  

Faasos leverages data science use cases- personalization, predictive analytics, recommendation engine, and reviews’ sentimental analysis to enhance customer experience, which resulted in increased revenue to $75.24 million in 2024 with 84% year-on-year growth from 2024.

  • Foodpanda- we deliver and you enjoy!

The food service works with a mission- you are hungry for food and we are hungry to create a difference. The Foodpanda app aims to deliver groceries and food in a flash to the users’ door irrespective of what they are craving and the time.

The multiple shops on Foodpanda meet the various needs of the users from electronics to pharmaceuticals to drinks in a couple of taps. The association with big brands, famous restaurants, and best spots makes the app special for the users as they are getting everything under the hood.

  • Eat fit- order healthy food to stay fit

People are becoming more health freaks than a decade back, which creates the need for eating healthy food with nutrition education. There’s an app- Eat Fit that takes care of healthy eating habits by understanding the dysentery lifestyle of the people.

The app creates a custom diet plan for the users depending on their physical activities and other parameters. Teaming up with various restaurants enables users to get access to healthy food easily. Nutrition education brushes up on healthy eating habits too.

Summing it up

After the pandemic badly hit the world, the two apps- grocery delivery and food delivery have witnessed an enormous rise in the number of downloads, sales, and ROI. The ventures that have invested in food delivery apps with all the required features in the app have gained high popularity. It signals- food delivery app development is a lucrative market and joining the gold rush would pay you off at scale. Take the right move to get ahead of the pack.

food delivery Apps
food delivery Apps

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