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Top 7 Cleaning Apps For Clean And Clutter-Free House That You Should Consider

Let’s accept it: there is a large difference in today’s generation and of 1-2 decades back. Now, people hardly prefer to do household chores on their own and want to chill on the weekends. But, the clutter and chaos in the house around Friday night won’t allow them to relax.

You must have experienced the household catastrophes like- trash is overflowing, the kitchen is smelling bad, the bathroom needs cleaning, the living room requires dusting, and so on.

Despite taking deep spring cleaning a few weeks back, you require house cleaning regularly at least two-three times a week. Especially the working people need the dirty task gets done efficiently in an organized way. That’s where cleaning apps come to the rescue.

However, the thousands of apps from furniture dusting to floor mopping make you confused. Which one is the best to download and give a try? Realizing the need, our analysts created a list of the best apps that make your mammoth task easy via easy scheduling, managing, and checking the tips.

Top 7 Cleaning Apps That Keep You On The Top Of Cleaning Tasks.

Domiclean – House Cleaning & Maid Services UK

Finding and hiring the best cleaning services in the UK is a daunting task. Domiclean provides the best platform for cleaning service seekers to get connected with the cleaning service providers in the nearby area and hire them for the cleaning services.

There are two ways to book cleaning services. The users can inquire with location, time, area, and service type and then receive offers from the cleaners/maid. Also, the users can directly browse the maid service profiles in the neighborhood by writing postal codes. The app facilitates cleaning the entire home or a specific room by scheduling date and time, specifying location, and describing the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). The app has scored in popularity due to convenience, simplicity, and quality services.


Cleanapp – House cleaning App UK

The easy-to-use app facilitates home cleaning at the convenience of the fingertips. It enables users to either book cleaning services instantly or gets them scheduled with Instaclean and Scheduled version.

The users can check the maid profiles, track the experience, and book them online with online payment. Plus, the app facilitates seamless payment with no hidden cost or product cost included. Thereby Londoners will get the maids and enjoy quality cleaning services in the nearby area effortlessly.  

Maid Smarter Cleaning App Solution

The popular maid app has more than 5000 cleaners across the UK. The user only needs to enter the UK postal code to identify the maids in their town in a matter of minutes. The user when entering the requirements, the list of maids matching the services comes up. Also, the users are allowed to search for maids through filters such as hourly rate, experience, services they offer, and ratings.

If required the users can chat with the cleaning service providers within the app to re-confirm the frequency, price, and other details so that no conflict raise in the future. Additionally, the users are allowed to ask for additional services such as dog walking, dry cleaning, or dropping off posts anytime, anywhere.

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Spotless – Cleaning Apps

The long list of household chores makes the people overwhelmed as to how they will make it do. The Spotless app aims to keep the house clean and clutter-free by providing complete home clean services or specific services, includes bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, garage, or others.

The user just needs to create a list of tasks they want to do with every room so that everything is managed perfectly. For instance, the users don’t need to remember when was the last time they get the bookshelf dusted, AC vents cleaned, or door handles polished as the Spotless app retains the history of every cleaning activity done.

Merry Maids – Cleaning Apps

The app boasts of having certified pros that are even background-checked to ensure quality services. The app provides the maids that users can select based on experience, expertise, and services for deep cleaning. What’s more? The people receive the cleaning services that are no less than done by Mr. clean or Scrubby.

The team handles everything from bringing the eco-friendly products for cleaning to taking out trash and recyclables with zero labor on users’ part. They provide a range of cleaning services- folding clothes, washing dishes, doing laundry, making a bed, and pretty more.

 Handyman and House Cleaning services
Handyman and House Cleaning services

ChoreRelief – Handyman and House Cleaning services

The Chicago-based on-demand cleaning app allows the users to list the cleaning jobs they need along with whereabouts- when they need to be done, the products used, and how much they will pay. After posting the cleaning request, the app algorithm matches the requirements and screens the list of cleaners who fits the requirements.

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When the cleaning pros are done with the cleaning job, they send photos of the finished work to confirm the cleaning tasks done as required. It eliminates the need for the users to be available when the cleaning tasks are going on in the apartments.

House Cleaning Services – Handy

The cleaning application allows the users to book the services for now or schedule them for later on. The company also provides flexibility to reschedule or cancel the bookings due to unexpected changes. With the best team of cleaning professionals, the handy app offers 24/7 services at reasonable prices. The users only need to describe the apartment or condominium size and the cleaning tasks to do.


Looking for professional house cleaners that can accomplish the household cleaning tasks brilliantly. It’s tough to find the right house cleaner that delivers second-to-none services. Thanks to mobile apps that have resolved another house cleaning problem on the planet. The cleaning apps let you find the best house cleaners in the nearby area in a few taps. The list of the best cleaning apps makes life easier with trusted and reliable cleaners on the board. Go through the list!

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