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Latest Trends in The Development of Mobile Ecommerce Applications 2020

A retailer or a business owner cannot even think of running his business without having an interactive e-shop and a highly functional mobile application; because both of them accumulate to result in building the online presence of any business. And, this makes the current and the upcoming trends very much obvious.

Talking about a perfect mobile application, it has to have the capability to the outreach target audience in masses, while sufficiently persuading them to purchase, thus turning them into potential buyers. Mobile applications have been reshaping the whole business scenario for several years now; which has eventually turn into an on-going trend.

On Demand App Development

According to the experts, mobile phones have become one of the devices that are going to stay for a much longer period, and the consistent advancement within the technology is further reinforcing their existence. The latest statistics also reveal that there are more than 3 billion people that are using mobile phones on an everyday basis.

This strengthens the argument for a business for having an efficient mobile application; because it has become one of the most important channels to the outreach target audience, and subsequently a way to attain immense business growth and profitability. However, the ecommerce landscapes are constantly changing; hence if you want to stay up-to-date, and meet the increasing customer demand and their changing preferences, then you must stay aware and follow the latest trends so that you can timely capitalize the ventures to attain optimal profits.

Augmented Reality

Both the trends of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are rising and have become the trends that cannot be ignored nowadays. The technologies of both AR and VR offer an endless range of benefits to ecommerce due to their higher engagement options. With the help of a smartphone’s camera, the digital elements come to life through Augmented Reality.

The AR & VR technology plays a crucial role in persuading visitors to buy from an online shop, by allowing them to see and experience the products before buying them in actual. Through AR showrooms, visitors can also learn about the advantages and features of the product before buying them, to see if it is right for them or not.

AR showrooms are helping in a great way to businesses like clothing, furniture, and accessories. The use of AR technology in mobile ecommerce applications is also tearing down the buyers’ reluctance factor. Several physical stores have now added features of ‘Virtual Trial’ or ‘Virtual Fitting’ (Especially in fashion & clothing brands) that allow the customer to check out how the outfit or accessory will look or pair up with other pieces without actually purchasing them. However, for AR/VR, this is said to be just a beginning, because there is a lot more to come in this area, but this is for sure one of the hottest trends in the development of mobile ecommerce applications in 2020.

Cloud Integration

The second trend that we are going to talk about is Cloud Integration. Cloud is in trend for many years now, and its integration has now become an important part of every business that wants to progress and stay up-to-date.

 Cloud has gained increasing attention because of its capabilities of simplifying the data hosting process for retailers within the cloud without worrying about its security and data theft. Cloud is generally of a lot of benefits apart from its incredible goods for mobile ecommerce.


Cost minimization for hosting comes at the surface being the biggest advantage offered by Cloud. Being the fastest hosting options in the modern era, the mobile application hosted by the cloud has turned out to be quick and highly functional, and great in terms of user experience.

While using the correct integrations, cloud hosting can enable ecommerce applications to better serves the changing demands, customer behavior, and market needs. At the same time, it also simplifies resource scaling procedures by keeping the seasonal and traffic spikes into consideration. 

Moreover, the cloud bases architectures are designed to be disaster tolerant as they have the built0in redundancy, which means that they could save the business from potential data loss to a greater extent. Another significant benefit of cloud integration is data security and its quick and easy accessibility, whenever needed. The cloud-based platforms are projected to continue facilitating ecommerce business by providing the customer with a better and personalized user experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

This trend is simply timeless and it is there for every business, not only for mobile app development. Customer experience has found to be having the biggest and the most significant impact on a business’s sales, regardless of what is the type, size, and nature of the business.

But, have you ever wondered why? Why this customer experience matter this much? Because there are cases of small businesses that do not have the finances to afford flashy mobile apps leveraged with AR/VR technology. User experience comes to rescues for such businesses in every possible way.

 Therefore, even if you cannot afford expensive features and technologies, you must focus on delivering a hyper-personalized experience by using features like newsletter, personalized emails, product recommendations based on previous purchases, etc.

These are only a few things that a business could do, but they can bring a significant impact on your sales and profitability. The integration of multi-channel customer services is also recommended; as this can enable you to deliver better and faster responses to your customer while keeping everything easy.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Next on our list of app development is the internet of things (IoT). IoT has already made its place in the market by playing a great role in connecting the world; and it is expected to further maintaining the frame by transforming diverse industries into productive vertices. Mobile commerce has been significantly benefitted by IoT by using its personalized data features in blend with machine learning; which enable businesses to significantly determine the customer behavior patterns.

IoT technology is also playing a great role in making e-commerce marketing strategy effective. A recent report also suggests an expected increase in IoT devices to reach over 70 billion by 2025. IoT is a very powerful technology with immense potential in the retail industry. Furthermore, over 85% of healthcare organizations are IoT enabled, as per the latest reports; which also means that they are already ready to further extend IoT’s reinforcement to improve patient care.

Payment Intresation

Payment Options

In recent years, we have been frequently seeing new market players emerging to offer niche ecommerce solutions. Samsung Pay and Google Pay are a few great examples of digital wallets that are revolutionizing the ecommerce landscapes. Another emerging solution is a cryptocurrency that is mainly used in facilitating the expanding share of ecommerce solutions.

 Modern payment methods and modes are way easier to embed in advance digital businesses and e-commerce platforms; without restricting conventional payment methods.

Nevertheless, some of the customers are still reluctant in using the latest digital payment methods due to security concerns. But still, the increasing number of online transactions globally are offering bright opportunities to new market players to grab a share within the digital payment market by making an upward trend in mobile app development.


In sum, a business needs to have all the latest features such as seamless navigation, engaging customer experience, etc. within the mobile ecommerce app, to succeed within the industry.

Following innovative market trends is something that can make you outshine your competition while taking the user experience to a whole new level. Additionally, mobile app trends can also boost sales and improve customer loyalty Nectarbits. is well-reputed in the industry for providing high-quality and affordable ecommerce and mobile development services to its clients all over the world.


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