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11 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2024

The mobile app development landscape is consistently evolving. Android applications have not only changed the way we live but also made a great difference in communication. The majority of the economy is now heavily dependent upon android apps as this helps get the job done quickly as compared to online websites.

Mobile applications have made lives much better than before. This means, their use is not going to decrease in the upcoming years as well. There are an array of new trends and technologies that will rule in 2021 and impact the industry to a huge extent.

Are you prepared to make changes in your mobile app development? Stay tuned with top mobile app development trends that help turn your business into a big win. Let’s discuss those trends one by one:

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning is one of those trends that will grow more and more in the coming years. Its integration makes the apps work more smartly alongside bring great improvement in user experience. AI helps deliver a truly personalized experience whatever the technology one is using, either IOS or Android.

The purpose of AI is to enable mobile applications to learn users’ actions and behavior through their patterns. And further, take users to the desired products without making them search manually. With the addition of AI, one doesn’t need to feel any hassle as everything gets done with ease.

It’s An Era Of Augmented Reality

Most of the mobile applications have already shifted to Virtual Reality. It is one of those growing technologies that has offered businesses a new way to see the outer world. Businesses all around the world can now also gain real-world experience through apps.

How It Will Work In 2021?

In 2021, it has been expected that augmented reality will revolutionize in different sectors from health care, retail, and more. Having a Virtual reality app help businesses to recreate how a specific product will look to the customers.

Beacon Technology

The use of beacon technology is on the rise. It’s gaining huge attention these going days. An app in-built with such technology helps build a strong connection between a business and its customers. Its use is mainly to bring advanced functionality to apps.

Another benefit of such technology is that it enables businesses to track the behavior of the buyers and the amount of time they are spending on the app. All that means beacons help deliver the improved customer experience within an app.

Google Assistant

The use of Google Assistant is on the rise and its popularity is no more a piece of new news. It is one of those chatbot solutions that help businesses meet the expectations of the consumers in the most effective way.

How It Will Work?

Businesses out there must put their interest in this trend to combine the app’s content. Its integration will allow users to use the app directly in the assistant, allowing them to access the features of an app in multiple ways.

Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps is another trend one can implement in 2021. A user can use this app as an option to test the android app and gain the experience behind the product. The interesting thing is that there is no need to download and install instant apps as one can use them directly.

Such technology is a great blessing for the E-commerce businesses out there. Without taking any extra space on the device or interrupting the inside system, these apps give full access to android apps.

Mobile Wallets

Most of the mobile industries out there have been already using this new trend – mobile wallets. You can say it an interesting trend because it allows users to make payments on their devices easily and faster. There is no longer a need to pay in cash when it comes to managing the transactions.

A mobile wallet like Google Pay brings great opportunity for retailers. By integrating the app with a mobile wallet, one as a business owner can make the payment process more smooth and transactions faster.


It has greatly shaped the mobile app landscape. Building an Android app within the blockchain technology ensures the safety of data and helps boost transparency. As blockchain is the best solution to maintain security, businesses and app developers can gain wide opportunities from it.

The amazing benefit of using such a trend in the mobile app is that it builds a secure database, which means no unknown person put hands to modify the records. Be it transactions or any other document, everything remains secure all the time.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce or you say M-commerce. Shopping on mobile apps is no more a new thing. Apps are becoming a popular medium to sell and buy products as they are more user-friendly and easy to access. Such a trend will continue for years to years and there is no doubt in this.

The majority of businesses are also using mobile apps and encouraging customers to use them for an improved experience. From making browsing easier to faster transactions for customers, a mobile app can do many wonders.

Cloud Computing

When building an app, the main focus of the developer is to create a platform that acquires less space and power. This is where cloud computing stepped in and become the best solution. A cloud computing-powered app allows the data to get stored and processed in the cloud rather than on a device.

Cloud-based apps play a significant role for both user and the developer. It makes the development of apps easy and allows an individual to access the app directly from anywhere without installing it.

5G Technology

The 5G technology will rule out in 2021. Such technology has changed the way the apps work. It promises to boost functionality in apps and take business performance to the next high level.

5G is faster than 4G technology. Businesses out there can take huge benefit of it to develop the feature-rich app. Such an addition will bring a great difference in one’s life.


Enterprise Mobility Management is one of those technologies that help take productivity to the next level. The purpose of such a technology is more than just offering individual remote access. It also helps keep devices up-to-date and ensure one easily access the required application.

APM refers to Application performance management, an element that helps keep everything run smoothly. Both technologies are useful to eliminate the slow speed of the app.

Final Words

The use of mobile apps will continue upward. They are the most efficient way to search for information, shopping, and make transactions with ease. As the competition is high, businesses must take steps towards new technologies and build more innovative mobile solutions.

New trends, ideas, and technologies arise every new year so it is necessary to keep you updated and implement your app with them for more growth. If you are on the way to build a new app, then the above trends are for you. All these trends and technologies will help your businesses remain on the competitive edge and deliver the best possible experience to customers.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.