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Why Is NectaCart Best for Your Ecommerce Store Development?

Building an Ecommerce store Development that generates millions of dollars in revenue is the dream, that every individual or offline business looking to go online sees. The dream is great, but the reality is different. There are a lot of things associated with engineering an online presence.

The first decision that business owners need to make- Ecommerce platform selection.

The selection is a little difficult because of the myriad options available in the market. Out of all, the leading players consider NectaCart as the best alternative to date to build a single-vendor and multivendor marketplace. Of course, as a B2B or B2C business owner, you need reasons when opting for NectaCart platform.

Ecommerce App Development Company
Ecommerce App Development Company

The team behind NectaCart aimed to build a solution that meets the needs of start-ups, SMBs, and large enterprises of various industry verticals. Take a look at the reasons to choose NectaCart.

Let’s dive in!

One-size fits all solution

NectaCart is a perfect fit for businesses of different sizes and different project needs. The single-vendor and multi-vendor Ecommerce marketplace comprise features that enable rookie players to get started easily at reasonable rates. It’s a reliable platform that meets the demands of growing businesses with custom requirements. With plug-in integration, the capabilities of NectaCart platform are extended. The self-hosted solution facilitates complete control over infrastructure, robust security, and improved uptime.

Completely customizable

The platform allows businesses to get built an Ecommerce store Development, that’s customized to business requirements to reflect the business vision in the store. Besides, third-party plugins and apps integration make new features addition and online marketplace easy-peasy.

Render high performance

The customers leave the Ecommerce store if it takes more than 3 seconds to load irrespective of the increase in the number of user requests. NectaCart team has tested the platform rigorously in the automated environment to ensure the Ecommerce store performs at speed regardless of how much load gets increased.

mobile app development CTA
mobile app development CTA

Phenomenal UI/UX engineering

The UI design leaves an indelible impression on the customers’ minds. The UI/UX design is crafted keeping various genres of the users in perception. The UI makes the store easily manageable by the admin, browsed by the users, and handled by the vendors. The intuitive interface helps in attracting new users and engaging the existing users.

Sell products online

The platform works best in allowing retailers to sell the products digitally and expand their business footprint to the world. With multi-vendor marketplace development, the entrepreneurs can sell various types of products such as clothes, apparel, eBooks, videos, and more.

Support multiple language and currency

When as an entrepreneur, you are looking to expand the business horizon to the globe, delivering localized experience from browsing to checkout is all-important. That’s where NectaCart helps with supporting a multilingual feature that allows users to view the content in their local language via Google translation API integration. With multi-currency support, the users will automatically see the product price in their local currency automatically.

Product cataloging

There is a catalog system that makes product management a breeze for the admin and vendor. Admin can set standards for content and check and remove the product duplicacy if exists. Also, the vendors can import an unlimited number of products to sell online.

One-time payment

Unlike other Ecommerce development platforms, we at NectaCart won’t charge recurring fees, only one-time payment allows you to get the license to use the platform forever. Plus, there are no hidden charges or surprise costs you will experience after deploying the store. You can count on us even for not deducting the commission on the product/services sold via the platform.


The Ecommerce development efforts go in vain if the website doesn’t appear to the customers. NectaCart platform is SEO-optimized to ensure the store gets ranked on the first page of the search engines and viewed by the users. Meta tag, meta title, keywords addition, sitemap, and URL rewriting are managed by the admin for the best results.  

Unlimited third-party integrations

It makes no sense in building the functionalities from scratch when they are made available to use in the app through third-party apps integration. In NectaCart, APIs for push notifications, analytics, payment, communication, language translation, currency conversion, email marketing, and live chat are integrated to supercharge the Ecommerce store with extra add-ons effortlessly.

Monetize to generate ROI

Ecommerce websites are built to make money. NectaCart allows owners to generate revenue through multiple ways- commission, subscription, premium listing, advertisement, and affiliate partners.

Provide complete source code

In the dynamic universe, surviving and thriving in the Ecommerce marketplace requires updating the store according to the latest market trends and evolving customers’ expectations. It’s unavoidable. We provide the complete source code at the time of store launch so that you have zero dependability on the NectaCart team to enhance the store at a later stage. A technical document is also shared that helps businesses understand NectaCart functions.

Your Ecommerce Store Development

Facilitate online demo

The entrepreneurs want to make informed decisions, which is followed by exploring the platform and viewing the user journey. Nothing is better than an online demo to take a tour of everything virtually even before the store gets built. We will provide a list of online demos that showcase everything to you about NectaCart.

Seamless migration

NectaCart features a bulk import/export feature that enables existing Ecommerce stores to seamlessly migrate to NectaCart platform and add products to the catalog.

Provide tech support

The product is developed using MEAN stack to make the platform most stable, secured, and affordable. Our team has tested the platform to guarantee 100% stability and security. What’s more? We provide technical support for installation and technical services for one year ahead for free.  

Ensure stellar transparency

We won’t consider NectaCart as the off-the-shelf solution that means only product selling. We consider your project as a dedicated project, where a dedicated project manager is assigned and keep you updated with the project status through the project management system (PMS).

Social integration

Spreading social awareness of the Ecommerce store is vital to harnessing social power. NectaCart facilitates social plugin integration which enables smooth onboarding that’s social registration and social login. Also, users can share the Ecommerce offerings directly on social channels that boost sales and ROI.

Sign NDA

We understand and respect the Ecommerce idea’s uniqueness. That’s why we readily sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the clients to ensure the project idea is not disclosed to anyone.

Hassle-free communication

To keep clients, stay tuned in with what changes team is making for the Ecommerce development, we provide multiple communication channels such as phone calls, Skype, email, and more to avoid conflicts at the end.

Digital marketing

The online marketplace development is a half-won battle and the remaining half is won when the Ecommerce store Development can reach out to the target customers. After development, the digital marketing team would help you to market your services to increase organic traffic, social traffic, and paid traffic.

Tax management

Tax calculation is extremely taxing for the vendors when they need to compute tax for every product. The time-consuming and tiresome task is auto-managed by NectaCart platform for the store owners as the vendor only needs to tax category data and the product price gets adjusted automatically.

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Ecommerce App Development

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.