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Comic Chat

An interesting chat app for comic book fans that takes interactions to a whole new level!


The client based in Switzerland is an Indie game publisher of free-to-play online and mobile games. The Company founded in the year 2012,
excels at developing high-quality online games that are safe to play and challenge the intellectual abilities of children and young adults.


The instant messaging apps have made the lives easy and super-fast, but the fun element was missing. When the two comic fans communicate, the text chat and shallow emojis or stickers appear monotonous to them. That’s where the client comes up with an idea of recreating the universe of the comic books by allowing the fans to impersonate the favorite comic book character in a mobile app and start chatting with the friends.


Understanding the need for creating a chat app that brings the fun of comic books to the app, our team has built a Comic chat app. The app allows the users to choose any comic series such as manga, webtoons, or bede and then select the comic book hero to impersonate the favorite character and start chatting with friends by writing text in the bubbles of comic book heroes. Bidding goodbye to stickers or emojis, the multi-layered comic book characters have made conversation more fun and enjoyable.


  • The users can start using the app by entering the phone number and validation through SMS.
  • The users can write the name and import the picture from the iOS or Google account.
  • The app auto-sync with the device’s contacts and display the contacts that are using the app.
  • Later, users can start chatting with contacts.
  • All the chat conversation is stored on the device only.
  • Users can block messages from annoying users.
  • The notification preferences can be managed.
  • The language can be changed depending on the area.

Comic selection

  • There are several comics enlisted from which the users can select the one to start chatting with friends the same way.

Scene selection

  • There are twelve different packages in every comic series.
  • Every package includes panels and heroes from a specific scene of the series.
  • The users can select the package according to the scene and hero they want to choose.
  • The packages are based on the mood of conversation like- flirting, action, fighting, and others.
  • The panels available to chat are the mix of free and paid.
  • Post-buying the premium packages, the friends invited to chat are not required to pay even a single penny.

One-to-one conversation

  • There are 20-30 panels in every scene of the series.
  • The users can select the panel depending on the favorite hero.
  • The user can write text directly in the bubble of comic heroes after the selection of panel and hero.

Make the chat enjoyable

  • The facial expressions such as funny, scary, angry, crying, and laughing are available at the bottom, which users can select by swiping left or right that matches the mood of the message.
  • The users can chat at speed, use the slang and expressions, parody the heroes, and recreate the scene with a unique twist.



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